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SMC Company Main Information

SMC Engineering Services and Trading Development Joint Stock Company (SMC ES., JSC.)
Head Office No. 31, Sub-locally 3, Mai Dich, Cau Giay Dict., Hanoi, Vietnam
Rep. Office Room 602, No. 1 Nguy Nhu Kon Tum Street, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel/Fax Tel: 84-4-32009832    Fax:    84-4-32009932
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SMC Company work as a Corporation in Industry Market of Vietnnam, we fomus on Machine, Device, Industry, Technology and Technical Service.

SMC Company have 4 DIVISION of business:

1- INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION DIVISION (AD): Supply product and service in Industry as: Electrical, Automation, Devices and Control;

2- LAUNDRY DIVISION (LD): Supply product and service in Laundry market in Vietnam and Indochina;

3- BUILDING SOLUTION DIVISION (BD): Supply product and service in Building Management System: Camera, DDC Control, Lift Control, HVAC, Generator Control, Integrated System;

4- PROFESSIONAL SERVICE DIVISION (PD): Supply service in Automation, Laundry, Industry, Electricity, Factory, Building, Machine Installation, Building Automation, Other projects; 

SMC Company Vision

Bridge to your success

We are a Vietnam company focus on electric, electronic, industry, information and telecommunication with target bring the best products and services to customer, hope to be the bridge to customer’s success.

With a making of professional working environment, our staff’s enthusiasm and creative, we always try our best to provide the effect solution for any request of customer to help them make the product with best quality. To do this we must understand the detail of our customer’s request and system structure because their success is ours.

Range of supplying

Our target is providing the “total integrated technology solution” for our customer. Our range of supplying focus on some subject:


Industrial Automation is a new market with high attractive and very good condition in Vietnam. We supply for our customer services like:

- Factory Automation

- Process Automation

- Motion Control

- Low Voltage and Installation Services

Our range of activity in some level:

- Automation Level

- Management Engineering Station (MES)

- Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERPS)

We provide products like:

- Programming Logic Controller (PLC), PID Controller, Inverter, DC Drive, Field Devices, Sensor and Transducer,...

- Low and Medium Voltage Devices (ACB, MCB, MCCB, Relay, Contactor...), Cabinet,... 

- SCADA, DCS, Motion Control and CNC machine

- Automation Solution and technical Services for factory and Manufacturer.

Main of application and solution:

- Speed control system/motion control system for AC, DC and Servo, Step motor.

- Lift Control and Roll-lift control system

- Automatic Transfer Switch for Generator and Main Power supply with multi function.

- Weighing Control for mix product.

- Dynamic Weighing

- Control pipe’s pressure by control motor’s speed

- Oil tank measuring and automatic pumping

- Measure, Supervisor and control motor.

- Control the parameter of pressure, temprature, flow, level,...

- Coal industry assistant control system

- Technology and component for Shipbuilding, cement factory, beer factory, glass factory, water treatment, waste water treatment.

- Oil Batch Control and supervisor.

2. Professional Laundry Distributor (LAUNDRY DIVISION-LD):

SMC Laundry is a division belong SMC Company, is one of the best company in Vietnam in supplying, selling and doing the service for Laundry Market in Vietnam and Indochina, we are a distributor for many famous brand name in the world from USA, Europe, Japan, Korea and Thailand. We sell the product for customers and also install, maintenance, guarantee and support for long time with our engineering team. Our customer is Hotel, Laundry workshop, Cleaning Service Company, Hotel, Resort, Apartment, Health Care Center, Hospital and other projects in the North, Center, South of Vietnam and also in Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia.

Our target in Laundry market is always being a professional laundry distributor in Vietnam who always supply for customers with the best products and service and including life time machine technical support. We always think that our success is your customer's value first.      

3. Building Management System (BMS, iBMS, BMCS: BUILDING SOLUTION DIVISION-BD)

3.1. Power Management system

- HVAC management system

- Measuring, management and distribute electric and water supplying

- Lighting Control and management (Litrol)

3.2. Integrated Security System

- Access Control

- Close Circuit Television (CCTV)

- Fire Alarm and security system

3.3. Building Management System

- BMS, BMCS solution.

- iBMS solution (Intelligent Building Management System)


With our engineer have full and depth foundation in technology and cooperate with manufacture, we can supply multi kind of product and solution in electric, electronic, information and telecommunication, as:

- Technical service for industry system, electric system, automation system, information and telecommunication system, sometimes is a total integrated system.

- Installation, maintenance for electric system, automation system, low-voltage station, shelter, BTS Station.

- Information and telecommunication system for hire.

- Supply and design, consult for surge protecting system.

- Site survey, consult, design, installation, execute for office and industry project.

- Training for using system.

4.1. Telecommunication for enterprise and company

- Call Center

- VoIP technology solution

- Hotel solution.

- Bank solution.

- Video Conference Solution

4.2. Information Solution

We are also a integrated in information technology, so we have ability to supply full system, solution and compact or custom product to customer.

Our main product and solution:

- Web navigator design and component, application solution on web.

- ERP system for industry and factory.

- RFID for Logistic System, SCADA software, DCS software, Monitoring Software, Web application.

- Integrated system software for control device, training system using professional  program language.

Beside provide software, SMC  also supply hardware, component for information system, telecommunication system, connection system:

- Server, Workstation, I/O devices.

- Data Center, Server Storage.

- Industry Personal Calculate (IPC).

To have more information or any request, please contact to SMC ES., JSC, we always try our best to serve you and your request.

SMC Engineering Services and Trading Development Joint Stock Company

Phone: +84-4-32009832       Fax: +84-4-32009932

Hotline for business: (+84)-914.919.717- Mr. Nguyen;
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Rep. Office: Room 602, No.1 Nguy Nhu Kon Tum Street, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam.



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